Scholarships, in-house financial aid, discounts, and Awards

Desert Christian Schools' Tuition Assistance Program is a needs-based program. This means that the completion of the requirements outlined does not guarantee the awarding of scholarships, or Financial Aid.

All awards are based on the verification of need and are dependent on the current financial resources available. It does not apply to lunches or After Care.

We encourage all who are in genuine need to apply!

Funds are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. For re-enrolling families, the application deadline is September 1st. For new families, the application deadline is 6 weeks following the date of acceptance.

Tuition Assistance Categories

Arizona Tax Credit Scholarships

Tax Credit Scholarships are awarded through Arizona state-authorized School Tuition Organizations (STOs). They are funded by taxpayer donations.

For more information visit:


For a complete list of STO’s in Arizona go to

DCS is committed to helping families with this process. We offer free regular tax credit workshops throughout the school year. To learn more or to attend a workshop please CLICK HERE!

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

ESAs are awarded through the AZ Department of Education for families in the following categories:

- Special Needs

- Active Military

- Foster Care/Adopted

- Foster Care/Planned Adoption

- Currently attending D or F ranked public school

- Reside on an Indian Reservation

- A Sibling with an ESA

- Legally Blind/Hard of Hearing

To apply visit please CLICK HERE!

NOTE: Students awarded ESAs do not qualify for the AZ Tax Credit Scholarships.

DCS Discounts

Multi-Child: Families that have two or more children enrolled may receive up to a $200/year award per child.

Ministry/Pastoral: Parents/Guardians whose sole occupation is full-time ministry (church or parachurch non-profit Christian organizations), and you can provide evidence that family income is from ministry, may receive up to a 50% award.

Military: Families who are active military and can provide evidence that family income is from military may receive up to a 10% award.

Public Service: Families employed by schools, fire departments, or law enforcement, and can provide evidence that family income is from public service may receive up to a 10% award.

DCS Financial Aid

If a family has needs beyond what the above awards provide, there may be additional funding available. The DCS community generously donates to annual fundraising efforts specifically designated for the DCS Financial Aid Fund. Distribution of those funds is dependent upon the amount available for the current school year. Families with exceptional financial need may receive up to 50% annual tuition assistance.

Aid is awarded for the current school year only. Financial Aid applications received by the upcoming school year deadline will be given first priority. However, as needs arise, applications are accepted year-round and will be awarded at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee with regard to the amount of funds available.

How to Apply For Financial Aid


(K-12 Only. PS Skip to Step Two)

DCS Families applying for financial aid must provide evidence that Arizona Tax Credit or Empowerment Scholarship Account opportunities have been maximized for children entering K-12.

Submit to the Headmaster's Office copies of applications to at least two State Tuition Organizations, along with evidence of requesting Tax Credit donations by family members and friends (e.g. copies of letters). ESA applicants are to provide a copy of their application to the AZ Department of Education.


Complete the confidential online Tuition Assistance Application at https:/, using DCS school number 11136. A $35 application fee is required (waivers may be available at the discretion of the Headmaster). If the applicant is awarded financial aid, then a $35 credit will be applied to their school account.


Submit the Tuition Assistance Program Checklist (located above under the video) and all required material to the Business Office, to notify them you are applying for Tuition Assistance.

Within 3-5 days of completing the online application, CFS will provide the Headmaster's Office a confidential FACT Report (Family Anticipated Contribution Total) from which the level of tuition aid will be determined.


The Headmaster's Office will communicate to the applicant the level of financial aid awarded within 7 to 10 days from the receipt of the FACT report.

Important Additional DCS Financial Aid Requirements

Note: that all recipients of DCS Financial Aid must abide by the following requirements:

• Recipients must keep their school account current, including tuition, fees, and services; without accruing any late fee penalties.

• Students benefiting from DCS Financial Aid must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (i.e., a “C” grade or higher).

• Students benefiting from DCS Financial Aid must meet all expectations as outlined in the Student Conduct section of the DCS Family Handbook (DCS Family Handbook, Section “Student Conduct”, page 84).

Failure to comply with the above requirements may result in the forfeiture of tuition aid provided and the recipient family will be responsible for payment of the full tuition amount.