i.e. 12: Socratic Seminars
In this episode of i.nspiration e.ducation, Chan and Mrs. T. explain the power of Socratic seminar use in the classroom. Stemming from Socrates' method of education, Socratic seminars encourage students to go deeper in their understanding of complex ideas, rather than learning from rote memorization. Intended for thoughtful conversation, these seminars foster problem-solving, collaborative learning, and respect for diverse ideas.
i.e. 11: What Marshmallows Can Teach Us About Formative Assessments
You may be wondering, “What can marshmallows teach us about formative assessments?!” Formative assessments are about trial and error and getting feedback. We’re to have eyes on our students’ learning the entire time, much like one long “Research and Development” process, emphasizing the importance of “prototyping.” It’s all about understanding, informing, and improving learning! Watch the TEDtalk “Build a Tower, Build a Team” https://youtu.be/H0_yKBitO8M for the inspiration of this powerful idea.
Likewise, grades are for communication, not compensation. Assessment is not grading! Do we “breed” the desire to learn out of our students because of the high-stakes we place on them through grades? Chan and Mrs. T pose that high-stakes testing (summative) with no formative feedback, inhibits learning. Bring back creativity and collaboration into your assessments! Create independent learners who can assess others and themselves.

Welcome to "i.nspiration e.ducation!" Cassi Thomas ("Mama T") and Meg Chandler ("Chan"), passionate educators at an independent school in southern Arizona, offer weekly encouragement to all educators, in all arenas. In essence, i.e. grew out of our own desire to take lifelong learning and professional development as a collaborative daily challenge, and to pass on our own formative learning to others.

Our themes focus on: authentic and intentional relationships with students, student centered learning, inquiry/problem based learning, differentiated instruction, 21st Century skills, authentic assessments, deeper learning, instructional design, and best practices in instruction! (Just to name a few...)