Fine Arts

Musical Theatre Awards

Desert Christian High School competes in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, also known as the Monte Awards. Each year the shows are adjudicated by a panel of judges. Students then compete against others in front of a live audience and another panel of judges at the Monte Awards Show. Other awards are also given out that evening for best show. The male and female who wins Best Actor and Actress from the evening travel to New York City to compete against students from across the country.


$5 - Students

$10 - General Admission

All tickets can be purchased at the door before the show. Seating is on the grass and first come. Please bring a blanket, beach, or camping chair.

Best Actors

Eric Yanes (Class of 2014) won Best Actor for his role in 'Les Miserables' as Inspector Javert.

Luke Gaff (Class of 2017) won Best Actor for his role in 'Into the Woods' as The Baker.

Most Creative Elements

Meet Me in St. Louis, 2018

Best Musical

The King and I, 2019

DCS Fine Arts Curriculum


  • Art and music are integrated into class every day.
  • Students perform in the PS - 5th Christian and Spring concert.

Kindergarten - 8th

  • K-5th music class with a Christmas and Spring concert.
  • 1st - 5th Art Class
  • Middle School Art Discipleship Class
  • 8th Grade Music Class (2nd Semester)

High School

  • Drama 1
  • Musical Theatre with a Fall Musical
  • Performance Drama with a Spring Play
  • Choir
  • Art 1-4
  • Photography 1

On Saturday, Desert Christian Schools The King and I, took home the award for BEST MUSICAL, at the Monte Awards! Desert competed against 15 other schools in Tucson (public and private). In addition, five students competed for the chance to go to New York for the next level of competition. One of our students, Sophomore Makena Klimke, made it into the top 11!
Two years ago Senior Luke Gaff won and continued onto New York. Last year we took home the award for BEST CREATIVE ELEMENTS.
Congratulations to our Director, Alicia Fodor, Conductor, Justine Boswell and the entire cast and crew!!

Meet our Fine Arts Program

Director of Theatre Arts

Mrs. Alicia Fodor

MS and HS Music Teacher/Yearbook

Mrs. Kailene Coffin

HS Photography Teacher

Ms. Jake Coffin

HS Art Teacher

Mrs. Aly Van Vactor

Elementary Music Teacher

Mrs. Karen Tvrdy

MS Art Teacher

Mr. Timothy Loraditch

Elementary Art Teacher

Mrs. Kathie Kehl

A Tribute to The Best of Broadway

The 2020 Fall Musical production was a collaboration between current musical theatre students and alumni! Prerecorded, The Best of Broadway premiered on November 20, 2020 on Vimeo. Watch and enjoy this musical spectacular with your family and friends!

If you would like to make a donation to musical theatre, all proceeds will be directed towards the production of The Best of Broadway! Your generous contribution is tax deductible and what makes productions like this possible!

Areas of The Arts


Expressing oneself effectively is vital to communicating, and relating. As part of a traditional liberal arts education, we prepare students to speak articulately and correctly. Drama and public speaking can be powerfully used for sharing God's truths. Classes in drama, musical theatre, and spring plays afford our students the opportunity to share their God-given talents to glorify Him and further discover His calling for their lives. DC High School students also learn to speak well and express their thoughts creatively through various class projects and extra-curricular offerings, such as Mock Trial and the Shakespeare Festival. At the annual DCS Speech Meet and Discipleship classes, middle schoolers are able to display their burgeoning talent for public speaking and drama as well.


Music is an integral part of Scripture as praise for God's many blessings is expressed throughout the Bible. From the preschool to the high school, Desert Christian Schools integrates biblical truth into its music offerings in order to encourage students to use music as a means to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. For example, our youngest students are introduced to scripture memorization through weekly Chapel verses set to song and music that it may be ever-impressed upon their hearts. Whether performing with hand bells, ensemble, or Christmas concert, music and singing allows students to more fully know the wonders of God, to realize His love for them, and to worship him personally.

Visual Arts

Art education at Desert Christian teaches elements and principles of art through a variety of media to explore a child's creativity. Reinforcement of learning is supported by school, and local exhibits. Artwork completed during the year may be seen displayed in classrooms, the school office and public spaces, and through contests such as the regional ASCI showcase and Arizona's Young Illustrators/Artists Competition.