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“Dear Dr. Travis, I attended the “Understanding the Parables of Jesus” seminar, and much to my surprise, the topic was not as easy to grasp as it superficially appears. I appreciate the skills used in guiding participants into a place that required grappling with our misconceptions. We had to focus and stay with the basics, which funneled us toward the desired outcome. We need this teaching in our community, be it teachers, parents, and/or students, as much as possible! Thank you for the opportunity!”

- Connie Luebke, DCS Parent & Board Member


“Learning curve through the roof!”

“I always wanted to learn more - and now have new tools to do so!”

“Really opened my eyes!”

“Appreciated the large amount of contextual information to help better listen to God speak through His Word.”

About Vista Seminars

The VISTA Seminars serve as certified professional development opportunities for Christian educators, pastors, parents and leaders.

The VISTA Seminars meet the standards of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as official Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and may be applied as credit toward ACSI certification.

The VISTA Seminars were co-founded in 2010 by Graham Bulmer, M.Div. (currently serving as the Lead Pastor of Q50 Community Church in Winona, Ontario, Canada), and our own DCS Headmaster, Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.. Together, they authored most of the VISTA Seminar curriculum.


  • All truth is God’s truth (resulting in a holistic, monotheistic, Christian worldview)
  • Quality Deliverables & Instructional Best-Practices (resulting in a positive perception of Christian thinking)
  • Open Analysis & Dialogue (resulting in a broad perspective, critical in nature, and established in the essentials of Divine Revelation)
  • Missional (resulting in cultural sensitivity and - thus “needs” sensitive)


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Fee: $35 Early Bird/$70 Regular (includes: 6 hour workshop, materials, snack, lunch, and ACSI CEU*)

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2018 - 2019 Seminars

"One God. Really?" | November 17, 2018

Course Name: One God. Really? What Makes a Worldview “Biblical” and an Education “Christian.”

Dates: Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm (providing 6 hours of instruction)

Professional Educational and/or Bible CEU’s Offered: 1

Instructor: Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.

Course Description: This seminar provides an introduction to the purpose and value of understanding a biblical worldview, as well as key concepts, which must be considered in establishing a distinctively Christian worldview. This seminar also provides an introduction to the application of Christian faith and biblical worldview thinking to the ministry of Christian education; specifically providing teachers and parents a framework for connecting key theological and philosophical concepts to practical areas of daily interaction with students/children.

Course Objective:

Worldview Objectives:

  • A biblical foundation for the value of worldview thinking.
  • The key questions that are to be considered in defining a worldview.
  • The role of assumptions and presuppositions in shaping a worldview.
  • The worldview conflicts between the fraying of culture, relativism, and the perceived conflicts between faith and science.
  • The impact of popular culture and the rate of change upon worldviews.
  • An introduction to epistemology (“How do we know what we think we know?”)
  • The role of plurality and diversity in shaping a worldview.
  • The distinctions between biblical precepts, principles, and personal preferences.
  • The distinctions between systematic, historic, and biblical theology and the necessity for the interaction of all three to form a genuinely Christian worldview.
  • There is only One source of truth.
  • The role of creation is to bring glory to God.
  • The difference between an open and closed system in relation to our understanding of reality.
  • The 3 key relationships between God & Creation, Man & Creation, and God & Man.
  • The application of worldview thinking and the ministry of Christian Education.

Faith Integration Objectives:

Attendees will be presented with the following presuppositions for genuinely integrating our Christian faith and biblical worldview into our work and ministry as educators and as parents:

  • 1.That all truth is God’s truth.
  • 2.That all things should reflect God’s glory.
  • 3.That God is Creator.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the following five key biblical worldview concepts:

  • 1.That everything and everyone is constantly in the presence of God.
  • 2.That a biblical understanding of “wisdom” is that of “skilled living.”
  • 3.That our submission is both to God and to each other.
  • 4.That our dependence is both on God and on each other.
  • 5.That our work as educators/parents is a part of our worship of God; that is our “workship.”

Attendees will gain an understanding of applying the above worldview concepts to these practical areas of application as Christian educators/parents:

  • 1.The natural implementation of Christian faith and biblical worldview into course/learning content.
  • 2.The impact of Christian faith and a biblical worldview in the classroom/home environment.
  • 3.The foundation of Christian faith and a biblical worldview in our preparation for ministry/parenting.
  • 4.The importance of modeling our faith and a biblical worldview in and through our relationships with students/children, peers, and authorities.

"Answers to Hard Questions." | February 9, 2019

Course Name: Answers to Hard Questions: An Introduction to Evidential Apologetics

Dates: Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm (providing 6 hours of instruction)

Bible CEU’s Offered: 1

Instructor: Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.

Course Description: This course challenges attendees to examine foundational Christian beliefs and the defense of those beliefs - especially focusing on the historicity and reliability of the New Testament (NT) records. Subjects covered will include an introduction to philosophical and evidential apologetics, the role and value of manuscript research and archaeology, as well as the application of evidential and philosophical supports in evangelism and discipleship.

Course Objective:

Attendees will...

  • demonstrate an understanding of Manuscript Research and its’ significance to Apologetics.
  • demonstrate an understanding of Biblical Archaeology and its’ significance to Apologetics.
  • demonstrate an understanding of extra-biblical sources that support the historicity of the NT.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the internal biblical evidence supporting the deity of Jesus Christ.
  • demonstrate an understanding of inhibitors to faith in Jesus Christ and provide rational Christian responses to those inhibitors.

"Wisdom and Folly." | March 9, 2019

Course Name: Wisdom and Folly: How to Recognize Folly and Grow in Wisdom

Dates: Saturday, March 9, 2019

Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm (providing 6 hours of instruction)

Bible CEU’s Offered: 1

Instructor: John O’Hair

Course Description: Wisdom is a major topic in the Bible. There are numerous calls to gain wisdom or grow in wisdom, throughout the Old and New Testaments. We will be exploring the meaning and application of wisdom in our modern lives. We will develop a Biblical definition of wisdom and folly, look at the development of a fool, how to recognize folly in our own lives, and how to grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity.

Course Objective:

Attendees will:

  • Develop a biblical definition for wisdom and folly.
  • See the biblical connection between folly to our sin and wisdom to righteousness.
  • Chart the growth and development of folly in a person’s life.
  • Be able to explain how one’s goals and desires point to folly or wisdom.
  • Explain the connection between wisdom and maturity.

"Four Christian Views of Hell" | April 27, 2019

Course Name: A Really HOT Topic: Four Christian Views of Hell

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm (providing 6 hours of instruction)

Bible CEU’s Offered: 1

Course Description: This seminar will present and compare the following historically Christian views of Hell:

  • Literal
  • Metaphorical
  • Purgatorial
  • Conditional

The seminar will attempt to present an equal treatment of each view, allowing attendees to develop an understanding of the various approaches to the subject, as well as the hermeneutical and theological foundations, which must be determined in order to form a doctrinal position.

Course Objective:

Attendees will...

  • Understand a brief history of when and where each view was popular in Christian thought.
  • Understand the biblical foundation for each view.
  • Understand the theological foundation for each view.
  • Identify major proponents for each view.
  • Identify the potential theological challenges for each view.