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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, Preschool!

I am beyond excited to see what the Lord has planned for Preschool this year. Preschool has expanded to include a full day bilingual program and I am particularly thrilled to see how the Lord uses this new program to impact our community. We have also been incredibly blessed with the addition of four beautiful and godly women who will be joining the Preschool Team.

As with all new school years, I can’t wait to hear the voices of our little ones…it has been far too quiet over the summer! It is both our honor and privilege to partner with you, our families, and it is our prayer that Preschool will become your child’s home away from home.

-Angie Alday, Preschool Director

Welcome Back, K8!

I am excited for new opportunities this school year. There are so many new people to relate to, new teachers, new office staff, and new administrative staff.  There will be new ways for teachers to authentically collaborate, with more flexible schedules.  There are new opportunities for DCS to excel academically as we have added Spanish to the K-2 and Geography to the 8th grade, as well as experienced instructional coaches to guide our teachers.  Finally, I am excited for new opportunities to grow, academically, socially, and most importantly spiritually.  God has blessed us with a lot of “new” this school year and it is all for his glory and the students’ benefit.

-Aaron Jansen, K8 Assistant Principal

Welcome Back, High School!

We have so many exciting things happening on the high school campus this year. The addition of three new courses--Computer Science, Astronomy/Geology, and Photography--will appeal to a variety of students and meet some specific needs. We are anxious to see how these will enhance our academic program.

We have several new staff and faculty members this year. Their content knowledge, their expertise, and especially their love for young people are what make all our new folks such valued additions to our DCHS team.

Lastly, our new facility upgrades have already dramatically changed the appearance of our campus. New gym lighting and AC will make games and other events a vastly improved experience. Please come see the remodeled library and new Annex court surface.

I am thrilled to be entering my 3rd year as the principal of Desert Christian High School, to work with such a talented, caring staff, and to the Lord by serving our students and their families.

-Kevin Kehl, High School Principal

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