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Justin and The King


Desert Christian High Schools' The King and I opened November 15th and ran till November 17th. Each night the performance was met with a full standing ovation! Rehearsals for The King and I began in August, but you could say, God was preparing one of our students to take on their role many months before rehearsals ever began.

Justin, a DCHS Junior and international student from China, starred as the King. Here is what Director, Alicia Fodor, says of Justin and a moment that occurred during the run of the show.

My department is rich with what I call "GGMs" or Good God Moments. Now GGMs can be interpreted as either the exasperated "Good God!" or the gratitude-filled "Good God." This year one of the most significant GGMs happened opening night of The King and I and it was indeed the later expression of gratitude. 

I've taught Justin since the 9th grade. You can say I've had my eye on him. I could see a rich, dormant performing talent in him. A talent somewhat obscured by a shyness or possible language barrier but I saw it nonetheless. But my witnessing of his talent was nothing compared to the observation of his father who had traveled from China to see his son star in the role. At the end of the night his father came to me, and as I embraced this man who was a stranger to me, he looked me in the eye and said, "I sent him to you (DCHS) a boy, and now I see a man." All I could do was hug him again and wipe the tears from my eyes and thank him for allowing me to work with his son. A Good God Moment if ever there was one!

Even though the show has closed, the wonder of what these students, faculty, and their families created is still alive and pulsing amongst our campus. That is part of the beauty of theatre. You work for months; developing characters, learning lines, building a set, creating a whole world, and in the blink of an eye, it is gone. But, if you do it right, that blink of an eye will stay with you a lifetime!




















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