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Headmaster's Blog | The Value of Your Feedback


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Syvana Bre

The Desert Christian Schools ESPO (Eagle Parent Service Organization) is a collective of parents and grandparents who give of their time to our school. They do everything from blessing teachers with lunches to setting up our major events like the Annual Fall Fundraiser! 

Syvana Bre

In Proverbs 11:14 we read that "in abundance of counselors there is victory." This wisdom rings true in all matters of life, ministry, and certainly in the management of a Christian school. This is why your feedback and input are vital to the ongoing improvements we are daily striving to make here at DCS, which is also the subject of this week's video blog.

Syvana Bre

Graduate Ellie Nassir has just completed her freshmen year at Yale! Hear how Desert helped prepare her in our second Eagle Spotlight!