Desert Christian High School is committed to providing a rigorous liberal arts education taught from a biblical world view. As a Christ-centered school, Desert Christian is distinguished by its caring community which promotes excellence in fine arts, community service, varsity athletics, student ministries, co-curricular opportunities, and academics.

Desert Christian High School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Rocky Mountain Region and AdvancED.

High School Curriculum

The course curriculum of DCHS serves to encourage critical thinking, relating and communicating along with development of spiritual giftedness. DCHS provides a comprehensive selection of academic classes and co-curricular activities to give a broad spectrum of exposure and experience to each student. Desert Christian utilizes grade-appropriate curriculum, which the school believes prepares students to understand and engage their world. Course offerings include the following:

Welcome to High School

Thank you for your interest in Desert Christian High School. At DCHS our mission is to disciple young people in the knowledge of God, and to prepare them in all areas of life to impact their world for Jesus Christ. We desire to challenge our students academically; encourage them to deepen their relationship spiritually; to broaden their horizons socially; and to use their God-given talents to bless others locally and globally. We realize that God has ordained parents to be the primary educators of their children; as such our aim is to come alongside the family and assist them in this process.

I encourage you to come visit our campus for an informational tour to see what God is doing at DCHS. If you have enrollment questions, please contact our Admissions Director, Andrew Riebe (520) 298-5817 or We look forward to meeting you.


Kevin Kehl | High School Principal

Measures of Academic Progress (M.A.P. Testing)

MAP is more than just “Measures of Academic Progress!” As DCS endeavors to meet the unique learning needs of our students, MAP Growth data is intentionally examined by teachers to direct and level the instruction to the particular learners in their class. Students are then mentored to own their learning, as they identify specific learning goals for growth. MAP promotes engagement, motivation, challenge and confidence!