i.e. 28: Mind Over Matter
Wondering just how far you should push your students, or even yourself? These days, it seems that stepping outside of our comfort zone and doing something strenuous is more of the exception than the rule. As controversial as it might seem, this episode asks our colleagues to consider pushing their students just a little bit harder than they may have before, and to even consider this advice for themselves!
i.e. 26: Inspiration for New Teachers
Are you new to teaching or thinking about becoming a teacher? If you're wrestling with the "why's" of whether to embark on the journey of engaging young people or about the difficulties in molding the next generation, this episode is for you! Join Chan and Mrs. T. as they interview a husband and wife team of burgeoning educators about the art and science of their craft. Be inspired by this spectrum of teacher experiences to encourage you in this beautiful thing called "Education!"

Welcome to "i.nspiration e.ducation!" Cassi Thomas ("Mama T") and Meg Chandler ("Chan"), passionate educators at an independent school in southern Arizona, offer weekly encouragement to all educators, in all arenas. In essence, i.e. grew out of our own desire to take lifelong learning and professional development as a collaborative daily challenge, and to pass on our own formative learning to others.

Our themes focus on: authentic and intentional relationships with students, student centered learning, inquiry/problem based learning, differentiated instruction, 21st Century skills, authentic assessments, deeper learning, instructional design, and best practices in instruction! (Just to name a few...)