International Student Program

Thank you for your interest in Desert Christian Schools.

The mission of our school is to disciple young people in the knowledge of God, and to prepare them in all areas of life to impact their world for Jesus Christ. We realize that God has ordained the students’ parents to be the primary educators of their children. Because we believe this, our aim is to walk with the family and assist them in the process, interacting between home, school, and church. Thus our desire is to challenge our students academically, to encourage the deepening of their spiritual relationship to God, to broaden their horizons socially, and to develop their God-given talents to bless others both locally and globally.

International students seeking an F-1 Visa are invited to apply for admission to Desert Christian Schools, being fully aware of the role the home unit (American host family or student guardian) plays in partnering with the school and a local evangelical church in accomplishing our mission. International Tuition fees will apply.

For 6-12 grade International Admissions, please contact our Admissions Department at

Host Families

Desert Christian Schools has the unique and wonderful opportunity of being able to bring students from around the world into our loving, caring, Christ-centered community. We are always looking for families who might like to open their hearts and their homes to a young person (6th - 12th grade) from another country and who have a desire to grow and learn about a new culture. If you have even a mustard seed of interest or curiosity about the possibility of becoming Host Parents to an international student(s), please complete our Host Family Inquiry Form and we will be sure to contact you!

To access the Inquiry Form, please click here!