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Desert Christian High School

Exploratory Program

Desert Christian High School (DCHS) offers a unique opportunity for students interested in specific DCHS academic courses. Our DCHS Exploratory Program allows eligible students to explore High School level courses. Exploratory applicants are required to complete the admissions requirements (see requirements below) of DCHS. Students admitted into the DCHS Exploratory Program are permitted to enroll in up to 3 courses per semester; earning an accredited and transferable grade for each course upon successful completion. Exploratory students admitted to Desert Christian High School are required to pay tuition at the rate of $700.00 per course, per semester. All tuition payments are non-refundable.

Full payment for tuition is required before the beginning of the academic year and/or before a student can begin attending class. Exploratory students have up to two full academic weeks to determine if they will request a course change.

  • Course enrollment is determined by class capacity. Students seeking a DCHS diploma will receive priority placement
  • All Exploratory students are required to meet the same prerequisite/enrollment requirements as full-time students, regarding DCHS course work
  • All Exploratory students will have access to course materials and resources
  • All Exploratory students will receive an official grade, documented by an official transcript, for each course that they are enrolled in
  • All Exploratory students are required to participate in academic field trips; annual high school Retreat is encouraged, but optional
  • Exploratory students are not eligible to compete at the junior varsity- and/or varsity-level in athletics
  • Exploratory students are not eligible to enroll in DCS Leadership courses (i.e., National Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Attitude and Leadership Training)
  • Exploratory students are not eligible for the DCS Tuition Assistance Program

Admissions Process

Church attendance and reference forms are required of all students. One parent/guardian must be a practicing believer in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

1. In partnership with Christian families, DCS is committed to providing an educational experience, centered on the foundation of a Biblical Christian Worldview. At DCS, it is our mission to:

      • Pursue excellence in Christian education
      • Foster Christ-Centered relationships
      • Endeavor to meet the unique learning needs of every student

Students are considered for admission to Desert Christian Schools once they have completed the entire DCS Admissions process. Prospective students must complete the (1) DCS Inquiry Form, (2) Application, and (3) Interview process, prior to their application being reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

2. All final admissions decisions are made by an admissions committee. Applicants who are admissible will be contacted within 2 weeks of completing all admissions requirements.