Desert Christian School provides a Christ-centered education that strives for academic excellence within a supportive Christian environment in order to ensure the success of each student. DCS offers a rigorous traditional liberal arts curriculum, which emphasizes the Lordship of Christ in the totality of life. Students are taught skills for thinking, communicating, and relating to the world.

As our Purpose Statement declares, Desert Christian students will:

  • Think critically, logically and creatively.
  • Read with comprehension, discernment and enjoyment.
  • Write with clarity, precision, style and power.
  • Listen with understanding and sensitivity.
  • Speak articulately and correctly.
  • Understand and apply the mathematical and scientific concepts that underlie God’s creation.
  • Respond, appreciate and evaluate a wide range of cultural expressions through the study of history, literature and the arts.
  • Turn learning into loving service.

Heads of School

Mrs. Angie Alday

Preschool Director

Mr. Aaron Jansen

K8 Principal

Mr. Kevin Kehl

High School Principal

*High School Only

Measures of Academic Progress

(M.A.P. Testing)

MAP is more than just “Measures of Academic Progress!” As DCS endeavors to meet the unique learning needs of our students, MAP Growth data is intentionally examined by teachers to direct and level the instruction to the particular learners in their class. Students are then mentored to own their learning, as they identify specific learning goals for growth. MAP promotes engagement, motivation, challenge, and confidence!