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The K-8 grade school academic program encourages high achievement within a challenging, disciplined and caring environment.

The K-5 program places emphasis on mastery and application of basic learning skills. Each subject is taught from a Christian perspective with special times set aside for Bible instruction and chapel. Teachers also offer specialized enrichment and outside classroom activities to help each child realize their academic potential.  The elementary school offers many additional activities to educate the whole child such as music, art, physical education, computer and library skills.

The middle school program for 6th through 8th grade students includes English, math, science, history, and Bible . All subjects are taught from the perspective of Biblical truth. A well-rounded program of physical education classes, music, art, and Discipleship electives is also provided. For students who qualify, Algebra I is offered for high school credit in 8th grade. Students learn to create web pages in computer class. Fine arts opportunities help to balance the needs of the whole child. Student government, yearbook, and chapel worship team offer students opportunities to develop leadership skills.  Numerous academic competitions also provide a means for students to display their special giftings. Students in grades 6-8 are also given the opportunity to participate in competitive athletics throughout the school year.


• Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)


A diverse group of evangelical families regardless of race, color, ethnic, or national origin

• 225 students

• Approximately 60 churches represented

Served By

A Professional Staff and Faculty

• 17 full and part-time teachers

• 1 Full-time Student Services, serving 5th-8th grades in 2015-2016

• Student to teacher ratio of approximately 20 to 1 in K-5th and 25 to 1 in 6th - 8th grades

• 4 full and part-time support personnel

• Hundreds of parent and community volunteers


Initial Application and Re-enrollment Criteria

• Family commitment to Christian education

• Family commitment to a local evangelical church

• Student character

• Student commitment to academic success

• Student developmental and social maturity

• Student desire to grow spiritually

• Student desire to be a DCS K-8 student

General Application Process

• Complete On-Line Application via link at

• Forward supplementary documents to DCS K-8 as indicated on On-Line Application

• Interview with School Principal